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Government Affairs

fleurdelis_50x50.pngMatters Affecting Our Community

The purpose of the Mills Act is to provide an opportunity for owners of qualified historic structures to potentially receive property tax relief. The owner agrees to preserve, maintain, and, if necessary, restore their historic property. In return for continued preservation of the property, the owner may reduce the property taxes as much as 50% each year the contract is in effect, depending on a variety of conditions.

Mills Act Information

fleurdelis_50x50.pngOld Town Residential Design Guidelines

Below are the Residential Design Guidelines for Old Town Tustin. They may not address all current state building codes. Be certain before you make any exterior changes to your residence/dwelling you apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Community Development Department of the City of Tustin. Contact the Planner of the Day at 714 573-3140 with questions.

Old Town Residential Design Guidelines

Visions of Old Town